Peter C. Brown

Peter C. Brown is a writer and retired management consultant living in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Jumping the Job Track - cover

Jumping the Job Track: Security, Satisfaction, and Success as an Independant Consultant

Library Journal
In contrast to the typical how-to-get-rich books, consultant Brown, himself a former Fortune 500 middle manager, provides a realistic and balanced description of the risks and rewards of this work. Writing in a fluent and engaging style, Brown intersperses information and advice with real-life profiles of consultants who have successfully applied these principles. Informative, thorough, and motivational, this is recommended for individuals contemplating the transition from employee to consultant.
—Alan Farber, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

All the time people ask me about going out on their own. This is the book I make them read before I spend my time talking to them. Tells the inside story of how to make your dream real, or whether to keep on dreaming.
— customer review

Many books are inspiring, but this one goes beyond the dream stage. …Read this book before starting a business on your own, and then read portions of it again regularly to get back on track after the business has been started.
— customer review

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