Peter C. Brown

Peter C. Brown is a writer and retired management consultant living in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Jumping the Job Track - cover

Random House, 1994, ISBN 9780517881576

Jumping the Job Track: Security, Satisfaction, and Success as an Independant Consultant

Brown left Control Data Corporation in 1981 to try his hand as an independent strategic planning and marketing communications consultant. This book draws on his own experiences and those of others who left their jobs to set up independently – people who tell in their own words how they made the transition, where they stumbled, and how they recovered and found their way to security, satisfaction, and financial success as freelancers.

“Invaluable insights.”
–Phyllis Dunham, SVP, Drake Beam Morin, the world’s leading corporate outplacement company.

“The suggestions are practical and the cautions important.”
–Howard H. Stevenson, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Harvard University

“A survival manual.”
–Margaret M. Blair, Brookings Institute

“A ‘must read,’ not just for those embarking on the consulting path, but for those who are dissatisfied or downright unhappy in their jobs.”
–Bret A. Baker, ad hoc financial officer and former corporate CFO

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