Peter C. Brown

Peter C. Brown is a writer and retired management consultant living in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Make It Stick - cover

Harvard University Press, 2014, ISBN 978-0674729018

Make It Stick - The Science of Successful Learning

Tales of incidents in the lives of real people illuminate what the latest science tells us about how learning and memory work.

Drawing on recent discoveries in cognitive psychology and other disciplines, Make It Stick turns conventional wisdom on its head, entertains, and offers practical tips to all who are interested in the challenge of lifelong growth and self-improvement.

“A powerful narrative. Benefits greatly from its use of stories. Rich, resonant and pleasurable.”
– Hazel Christie, Times Higher Education, London

“The single best work I have encountered on recent findings about the human brain and how we learn.”
– James M. Lang, The Chronicle of Higher Education

“With its credible challenge to conventional wisdom, Make It Stick points the way forward.”
– Glenn Altschuler, Psychology Today

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